Individual Therapy


CBT is appropriate for a wide range of difficulties and different CBT models are used for specific issues or diagnoses and so at the start of therapy a thorough assessment of your needs is conducted in order to ensure that CBT is right for you and so a treatment plan can be drawn up. The treatment plan will outline how regularly treatment sessions will take place (usually on a weekly basis) as well as the predicted number of sessions needed - this is frequently reviewed within treatment. 

Face to Face Treatment

Face to face therapy takes place in a room in York and there is currently a short waiting list for therapy. Sessions are 50 minutes long and available throughout the day on Thursdays. Please get in touch now for therapy starting January 2019.

Remote Therapy

Web based treatment sessions are conducted over Skype and each last for 50 minutes. There is currently no waiting list for remote therapy and sessions are available Monday to Friday evenings, all day Thursday. We may also have some weekend availability on request.